Modern art: the Moca in Montecatini Terme

Modern art: the Moca in Montecatini Terme

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Montecatini is a beautiful thermal town located in the heart of Tuscany. It has been founded as “Baths of Montecatini” in XVIII century for the presence of the thermal sources. In one of my previous articles, I told you about my experience in the thermal site “Tettuccio”, amazing Spa immersed in nature and art. Now, I would like to tell you about another special place, the town Building of Montecatini.


Built in 1913 by the architect Raffaello Brizzi and the engineer Luigi Righetti, this palace was decorated by the Florentine artist Galileo Chini. Inside the town Building, there is a new exposing space devoted to the contemporary art, the Moca (Montecatini Contemporary art)Here, the website.


The models for this project were the Tate Gallery in London and the MOMA in New York and this nice place has allowed to give a worthy works setup of world level. In particular, I loved so much the story behind the cloth “Woman wound in a flight of birds” by Joan Mirò.


The artist decided to give it to the city of Montecatini on the occasion of the event“Maggio Mirò” in 1980 but it was Carlos Franqui (journalist who was exiled political and decide to transfer in Montecatini) who brought it in the Tuscan city wound on itself same as it was an oriental carpet. This enormous canvas has been painted on the floor of Mirò’s office in Palma de Maiorca. This masterpiece represents a rebellion and a gesture of liberty. The protagonist is a bird with the long legs, whose flight is made by the uncontrollable movement of a stain that expands him from the body and a woman, symbol of fertility and expectation, represented in green, red and blue. In the black part of the canvas, you can observe the violent walk of Mirò which represents the fight of the artist against the illness that not allowed him to come to Montecatini in person. There are also some spots of coffee which symbolize the bond between Mirò and Italy and his friendship with my country.


I suggest you to visit this gallery because it is located inside a beautiful historical palace and furthermore, entry is free. The work of Moca is sustained by donations given by lovers of art and used for the acquisition of new works! Moca is located here:

MOCA Montecatini Contemporary Art
Via Verdi, 46
51016 Montecatini Terme
tel. 0572 918299



Thanks to Giodò, the cooperative company that manages this exhibition and realized the cards which helped me to write this article.

Written by Valentina Meloni

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